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Leather for all

Leather for all

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Finance your ride, not your gear

We have the largest stock of motorcycle leather in Houston. You can choose from a huge selection of motorcycle leather apparel for men and women. Our motto is, 'finance your ride, not your gear,' and we follow it seriously. That's why we always have great prices on motorcycle leather jackets and are constantly having sales.


Our stock includes over 16 different styles of men’s leather vests, 13 different styles of women’s vests and over 31 different styles of men’s and women’s leather jackets in Texas. You can also choose from 14 different styles of chaps. We offer every size imaginable and our fine leather will last for  several years. We carry Milwaukee, FMC, and Unik.

Top quality leather only

With all of our products we only offer the best brands and quality apparel there is. We don't bring anything in that isn't tested and approved by us to be the best.

Leather products

 •  Jackets $159-$309

 •  Chaps $109-$169

 •  Vests $69-$149

 •  Over Pants

 •  Leather Pants

Reliable services and saving you money

We will save you 40% than you would pay at a leather dealer or from a biker store on the internet. It is worth the trip in to see what we have to offer. Our store has been in the same place for ten years for a reason.

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